Here at Northland we aim at providing a comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for all. Here is a list of facilities we offer:


Parents Room

Our Parents Rooms are designed to create a comfortable atmosphere for both parents and children to cater for life’s little requirements. Each parent room is fully equipped with feeding and changing amenities.

Location: Priceline Amenities Corridor, Food Court Toilets


Changing Places

Our full functioning adult change room, also known as ‘High Care Lounge” will successfully meet the needs of all people with disabilities and their carers. This space is fitted with a height adjustable, full-sized changing bench, tracking hoist system and enough room for carers to assist with ease. The space has been designed to ensure privacy and comfort.

Location: Food Court Toilets


 Disability Rooms

All our amenities facilities are equipped with a disability  

Location: Priceline Amenities Corridor, Food Court Toilets


 The Northland Quiet Room

Together with our Autism experts, we have constructed a specially designed ‘Quiet Room’ offering individuals and their carers space to reduce their anxiety, where they can get access to power, sensory soothing items, bean bags and other useful materials to help reduce over-stimulation.”

Built entirely by local volunteers and businesses and led by a passionate committee with most members having been personally touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the pioneering ‘Quiet Room’ concept has been introduced in a bid to give the 55,000 Victorians affected by ASD a positive shopping experience.

Location: Kmart amenities corridor


Children’s Playground

Here at Northland we have 2 playgrounds to encourage creative thinking and fun, both including a soft play area, climbing net and a slide.

Location: Outside Toys R Us and Outside Coles