Hoyts (Temporarily closed)

Hoyts will be closed until further notice.

HOYTS is dedicated to delivering the ultimate cinema experience for movie lovers in Australia and New Zealand.

If you love going to the movies, then you’ll love us. We pride ourselves on bringing the magic of the movies to Australia. If you’re in the mood for a fun and entertaining cinema experience, then select from our wide range of offerings – there’s something to appeal to every taste, interest and budget.

Experience more with HOYTS Cinema!

Looking for a day out? At HOYTS Northland, you can now sink back into powered recliner seats in every auditorium, bringing an all new meaning to your standard trip to the cinema. The upgraded seats, also available with the biggest and loudest sound in the Xtremescreen auditorium, make for an exceptional experience. If you’ve booked your tickets online, lucky you, head straight to one of our Scan & Enter machines to skip the queues.

Make sure to check out our hot food range that can be delivered to your seat!