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Oscar Wylee was started with the simple objective of leading the way as a socially conscious business with a commitment to caring for others and having a positive impact. Creating thoughtful and affordable eyewear, and giving back to those less fortunate."Our 'I Care for Eyecare' initiative is an important way in which we can contribute to making a positive impact globally - driving real and lasting change. For every pair of frames you purchase from us, you'll help provide someone in need access to affordable eyecare. We work with established partners around the world who are committed to making the biggest impact possible with the support we provide.

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Oscar Wylee Opening Offer

Eyewear that makes your personality shine. Quality handmade frames at a honest price. 2 Pairs for $199 including single vision 1.5 prescription.

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Valid only within a single transaction. Expiry: 30/04/2018. Please see in store for full terms and conditions.

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