About Australian Style Institute

Whether you’re looking to embark on a new career as a professional stylist or further develop your existing skills to launch or grow your own business – Australian Style Institute will provide the training, mentoring and support you need to succeed in Australia’s thriving style and image industry.

Australia’s style and image industry is rapidly growing and full of opportunity for skilled professionals right now. More and more individuals, corporate groups and businesses are turning to fashion stylists for professional help to improve their image.

Our professional stylists continue to gain coveted roles and develop inspiring careers in this field. You will find them working in television and media; styling magazine photo shoots; dressing celebrities for runway events; assisting models to develop their careers with prominent agencies; and of course providing personal styling for a vast range of clientele across the country. You too can become a part of Australian Style Institute’s growing network of accomplished professionals.

Australian style institute’s method of styling is founded in critical principles of human behaviour – enabling our professional stylists to offer a unique perspective on styling that empowers the individual.

Our innovative training programs prepare you to become a defining influence in your clients’ lives. With our guidance, you will soon find yourself helping people to embrace their personal aspirations; search for and find love; tackle their fears; take on new job opportunities; pursue ambitious career goals; make public appearances; even simply accept and learn to love themselves exactly as they are.

As we teach you the psychology behind ‘transformational styling’ – which focuses on the inside, to convey the right message on the outside – you too will overcome your personal fears and mental barriers to reveal the best version of yourself. In fact, our trainees consistently tell us that their learning experience with Australian Style Institute had a profoundly positive impact on them, personally and professionally.

Our innovative leader: Lauren Di Bartolo

Leading personal stylist and founder of Australian Style Institute, Lauren Di Bartolo, is hosting a Styling Masterclass this Thursday 30th March at Northland. Lauren went from spending hours in front of the mirror, constructing hundreds of ways to drape a simple piece of fabric, to one of Australia’s leading stylists and business women with an enduring ability to follow her dream.

Always interested in fashion, Lauren began her journey into the industry through visual merchandising. While she loved working with product, this lead to the discovery that she was more interested in the relationship we have with clothes and the psychology behind why people dress the way they do. With her mind now set on a career in personal styling, Lauren studied human behaviour to enable her to create unique personal styling experiences.

Throwing herself into the deep end, she started her own personal styling business in her early 20s.  Her take on the on the role of a stylist as vehicle for boosting confidence and driving personal transformations, instead of focusing on trends, gave her an edge.

Since then Lauren has accumulated thousands of hours of styling. She’s worked with big names such as Myer, Australia Post and Flight Centre and has also been featured in publications, including Fashion Journal.

Lauren has travelled all over the world to source inspiration and study, learning from the industry’s best at Parsons, Conde Nast and Central Saint Martins. As she thrived, Lauren recognised the need for powerful, industry relevant styling and the lack of stylists that provided this. As a response, Lauren founded Australian Style Institute in 2010. Using her background in human behavioral studies, Lauren created a fashion styling course that produced stylists that are industry ready, with a transformational approach to styling that sets them apart. Australian Style Institute believes that while they create and produce beautiful work, the beauty really lies in how they can help someone transform themselves into everything they want to be.

Attend Lauren’s Styling Masterclass to learn how this season's Autumn Winter trends can transform your wardrobe, no matter your age, budget or taste.